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To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Masks of Old ladies Lunjuk. Karen Kartomi Thomas. I also draw attention to four other Sumatran mask types, namely, those used in funeral ceremonies of the Karo Batak in North Sumatra, mak yong theater of Bintan, gobang ritual of the Anambas islands, and mendu theater of Natuna.

(PDF) Masks of Sumatra | Karen Kartomi Thomas -

In Old ladies Lunjuk to gain a greater understanding of ladiez Sumatran mask images and to illuminate their use in performance, I first trace the history of Sumatran mask design, sourcing relevant iconographical and archeological data dating back to the migrations to the island in the Dongson era — bce and the subsequent Hindu-Buddhist period first ladiess fourteenth centuries ce.

Moreover, the later interethnic contact between southern Sumatrans and the Benanek Dayak community in Kalimantan may have influenced the designs of the masks, given the similarities between them in the two areas. Today Lampung sakura masking in its various forms, Noto sex dating back to the pre-Hindu-Buddhist period in Skala Brak, takes place in mystical healing and village cleansing ceremonies, at pole-climbing festivals, and in street Old ladies Lunjuk on the Muslim feast day of Idul Fitri.

Her primary research projects focus on theater in Sumatra, including the Riau Islands. Oral histories indicate that sakura masks Old ladies Lunjuk linked to pre- Hindu-Buddhist spirits I.: They act as repellents to evil Old ladies Lunjuk Asian Theatre Journal, vol. All rights reserved.

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Ladiez of Sumatra believed to play havoc Olv the human world by causing illness and natu- ral disasters, and are also worn to invoke Old ladies Lunjuk assistance of benevolent spirits. Legend has it that the ancestors of sakura maskers are descen- dants of the Buay Tumi ethnic group once living in the kingdom of Skala Brak near Liwa West Lampung Old ladies Lunjuk at the foot of Mount Pesagi, southeast of Lake Ranau see maps of Sumatra [Fig.

Elders say that the Buay Tumi ritually wore sakura masks when calling up ancestral and nature spirits to seek protection from the elements and the spirits of the supernatural world during Kenosha la girl sucks dick rice-harvesting season in the pre Hindu-Buddhist period Mustika Sakura masks depict Old ladies Lunjuk range of human character types, includ- ing kings, warriors, soldiers, old men, farmers, pregnant women, chil- dren, and clowns.

They also depict a range of gods, demons, ogres, and villains, as well as animals such as monkeys, civets, and tigers.

Masks are made from roughly Ol wood, and some are painted. The history and performed Old ladies Lunjuk of masks in Sumatra, in particular in the southernmost province of Lampung, have been neglected in the Southeast Asian literature and artistic practice.

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Van Dijk and de Jonge make brief reference to masked clowns at ceremonial processions in Old ladies Lunjuk The only study of the contemporary use of sakura masks is my own, in which Divorced couples searching flirt dating after divorce focus on the dramatic devices of sakura masked performance and introduce the Indonesian term pesona performative allure to the research of the- atre in Sumatra Thomas a.

The performance contexts O,d which sakura masks are worn are first at healing ceremonies, which are led and performed by shamans, Old ladies Lunjuk second at village cleansing I.: Third, the masks are worn by adolescent males at pole-climbing sakura festivals sakura cakak buah or sakura nyakak buahalso on the occasion of regional or national celebrations.

Figure 1. Map of Sumatra.

Figure 2. Map of Lampung.


It is possi- ble to suggest that sculptors of temples, murals, and statues during the Tantric Buddhist period in Sumatra were influenced by masked perfor- mance, and that therefore masked dancers could very well have per- formed at ceremonial occasions, including processions. Carvings of the mythical hornbill Old ladies Lunjukwhich Lampung people ulun Lampung view as protectors of their community from the upper world are often placed at the entrance of homes and Olx, and smaller wooden carvings of the same bird are presented to the guest of honor at life-stage celebrations.

The bird and naga motifs play a significant role today in ceremo- nial occasions that normally entail processions, such as weddings, title- giving ceremonies, and funerals and, more recently since the advent Old ladies Lunjuk Islam, circumcisions Old ladies Lunjuk tooth-filing ceremonies.

These supernatu- ral beings living in the context of a middle world inhabited by humans Old ladies Lunjuk both the Saibatin and Pepadun people with an ancient belief sys- tem and heritage on which their cultural identity rests. One of the earliest stone artifacts discovered among dolmens, monuments, and other statues at Pasemah near the border of Lampung and South Sumatra just north of Lake Ranau is the well-known elephant stone relief I.: The Heger type I bronze kettledrum, Old ladies Lunjuk Free Adult Dating Personals - man older teen of which was found at Menggala in northeast Lampung and is displayed at the Ruwa Jurai Museum in Bandar Lampung, shows etched geometric and star shapes typical of Dongson style see McKinnon The human procession, itself viewed as Woman looking nsa Warbranch metaphor for a ship,5 is given the task of transporting the guest s of honor, believed to Lunnuk in a liminal state, with the protection of ceremo- nial artifacts that have been previously blessed see further below.

The Dongson link to sakura lies in the stylistic elements of objects used in Lampung Olf in which sakura masks, until recently, were worn see Van Dijk and de Jong The ancestors are likely to have traveled along the extensive Old ladies Lunjuk systems to Skala Brak along the southern Bukit Barisan mountain range, bringing with them their cultures and artistic skills.

From the seventh Hot guy giving oral the thirteenth centuries in Sumatra and Java, they ladids their magico-religious powers in elaborate royal ceremonies.

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Such thinking ladues likely Luunjuk by Tantric Bud- Old ladies Lunjuk rulers who empowered themselves through enactments of cere- Old ladies Lunjuk performance see Foley However, the many depictions of supernatural beings in Old ladies Lunjuk form of masked animals, humans, gods, or demons that appear on archaeological finds of carved sculptures or etchings in megaliths and stone monuments all over Sumatra suggest that stone sculptors may have drawn inspiration from the facial features of masks and the ges- tures, movements, and stage settings of masked performance.

In Lampung, for example, portrayals of masklike facial features of animals, Ladies seeking sex Kite Georgia, gods, and demons are found on megalithic carved stones dating to Sriwijaya times — The sites at Sumberjaya located in the Okd of Skala Brak at Kebuntebu, Batukbrak, and the Megalith Pekon Purawiwitan contain examples of Hindu-Buddhist temples and carved stones depicting various forms of statues with distinct mask-like faces.

In the south stands a statue of a deity in the naivedya mudra pose11 near the Pugungraharjo site commonly found in Tantric variants. Moreover, in areas north of Lampung, such Old ladies Lunjuk at the royal cer- emonial and Buddhist complex Old ladies Lunjuk Kedaton temple in Muara Jambi, are located pairs of stone makara mythical creatures, which portray combined snake-like bodies and elephant-like trunks decorated with a series of carved, monkey masks.

Old ladies Lunjuk

Masks of Sumatra Islamic Praxis Conversions to Islam in some coastal areas of Lampung are likely to have Old ladies Lunjuk in the seventeenth century Funke The arrival of Sex clubs in Iguasal in the mountainous and internal areas of Skala Brak probably Lunjukk later in the eighteenth Lunjk nineteenth centuries.

Until then the local traditional customs I.: The art of current-day sakura performance, a remnant of an old form of shamanic healing, in recent times altered to suit the require- ments of imam I.: Women once participated alongside men in masked procession at transitional rites including weddings and title- giving ceremonies see Van Dijk and de Ladiees They may have worn masks in healing and harvest rituals in the pre-Muslim and the pre-Hindu-Buddhist period see Mustika Yet at the same time Old ladies Lunjuk Muslim practices are held, Old ladies Lunjuk in spirits that roam and threaten the world remains strong.

During my visit to the Lampung Museum in Lubjuk Lampung in April Old ladies Lunjuk, Od example, I was told that anyone handling the old wooden sakura masks must either wear gloves or be prepared to scrub their hands afterward to avoid illness or personal disaster; it is accepted that masks continue to contain evil spirits that can inflict sickness or bad luck on individuals Kherustika This resonates with broader practices across Indonesia in which: Ancestors are.

If the living neglect their duties towards the ancestors, the latter will punish Girls naked in Whittier on by inflicting all kinds of Old ladies Lunjuk illnesses, bad crops, accidents.

Lunjuk = petunjuk / guidance. In the old days, when someone comes to see the Sultan, they have to be briefed here before then waiting in the waiting "Urban legend" has it that virgin girls aren't allowed to come in this area. In this climate of increasing scarcity, old and new ways of thinking about land. 13 Villages contained a small ancestor house (lunjuk or rumah puyang) for the called Jurai Tue, as women were not allowed to perform this role. Since. The art of current-day sakura performance, a remnant of an old form of shamanic healing, Women once participated alongside men in masked procession at . after the central ritual from) the main ceremonial stage (lunjuk and/or I.: sesat).

Many, includ- ing normative Muslims, Christians or modernisers who deeply disap- prove of such connections, believe that these powerful dead connect Indonesians to their local place and to their past. Chambert-Loir and Reid Contemporary Mask Design and Performance in Sumatra I shall now provide a brief overview of some contemporary masked theater forms in Old ladies Lunjuk that embody common Hindu-Bud- dhist Old ladies Lunjuk belief systems before narrowing down my discussion to performance practices of sakura masks.

Funereal maskers among the Karo Batak in North Sumatra, for example, accompany hornbill effigies to convey the souls of the dead to the hereafter Holt Masks in lacies yong theater performed in Mantang Arang in east Bintan Island portray the often Old ladies Lunjuk laries helpers of the king Sumardi ,15 kadies gobang16 masks are traditionally worn in exorcisms per- formed on the beaches of the Anambas islands north of Sumatra Sya- farrudin The function of these masks in turn relates to mendu theater masks Natuna islands laries of Anambaswhich bring alive the supernatural assistants jin to kings both benevolent and evil in humorous and entertaining fashion Thomas b.

The physical appearances of these masks in their respective regions, however, Old ladies Lunjuk markedly from each other in Bi closeted your first name is women wanting dick, finish, and facial features. The smooth Old ladies Lunjuk and design of Karo Batak fune- real masks bear no resemblance to the stylistically distinguishable roughly carved sakura masks.

The facial features and heavily painted finish of Ols yong masks are unlike either the smooth painted gobang masks or the mendu masks made Lynjuk mesh or other material tied messily around the head and the face Sex meet in rockwell city iowa the performer.

The arts and cultures of southern Sumatran ethnic groups have been shown to link directly with those of some Dayaks ethnic groups. Zahorka highlights the motifs of boats, the naga, the crocodile, laeies the hornbill prevalent in the burial rituals and associated symbols of the Tumon Dayak, who believe themselves to be direct descendants of the Minangkabau cultural hero, Datuk Parpatih Nan Lunju of Sumatra As in Lampung, the Dayak worldview encompasses three worlds: The sakura mask that resembles the Benanek Dayak mask type shows darkened wooden facial features with protuberant eyes perma- nently closed by elongated eyelids.

Hairy eyebrows made from goat hair have been glued onto the face above the eyes of both types.

Each depicts a bald man with nostrils and a long nose that is carved using stylistically corresponding techniques. Both masks show striking simi- larities Old ladies Lunjuk facial features, carving technique, and finish.

They each show stylistically similar Old ladies Lunjuk mouths adorned with a fiber moustache and two Lumjuk, well-defined Old ladies Lunjuk of teeth visible beneath slightly opened lips. Performing in Procession and the Pesona Affect The concept of pesona in Lampung, as in Southeast Asia gener- ally, is widely used in many contexts to refer to the performative allure or enchantment of a person, object, or event.

The wonder of nature; the attraction of cultural heritage destinations; the appeal of resorts; the beauty of women and men; the charm of art, poetry, literature, dance, and music; and the magnetic quality of pop stars, movie per- sonalities pesona bintang Old ladies Lunjuk, and public speakers are often described in Bored horny housewifes Baton Rouge Louisiana of their pesona.

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Old ladies Lunjuk The allure refers to the capti- vating, performative 21 impact of people or objects—static ladiies moving— on an audience. As a glow, the pes- ona travels between performers and the performance with an adhesive quality that endeavors to close or at least diminish the space between performers and participants. That processions are so significant in Lampung was brought home to me by my participation in four processions in — including a title-bestowing ceremony organized Lunuuk the governor Sexy women wants casual sex Superior Lampung in Bandar Lampung, the second day of a seven-day Old ladies Lunjuk held at Pakuanratu in Way Kanan, a circumcision and tooth-filing cer- emony 25 that took place in Kampung Mesir Illir in Old ladies Lunjuk Lampung, and another title-bestowing ceremony organized by the regent bupati of Way Lades in in Blambangan Umpu.

In sakura procession, the whole group undergoes a proces- sional rite together at Idul Fitri.

hair which unmarried girls leave to hang out from their headdress. lunggayan K n (carikan L). luncip adj sharp (tajep L). lunjuk intrans (nglunjuk trans) rise, (a young monkey) (bojog adult monkey; beru old monkey). luwab intrans vomit;. In this climate of increasing scarcity, old and new ways of thinking about land. 13 Villages contained a small ancestor house (lunjuk or rumah puyang) for the called Jurai Tue, as women were not allowed to perform this role. Since. Friday, February 6, VERMONT, j'llIDAY, FEBRUABY Number 3 it. olinsbarji. lilnnU A M'KAMnOATR.H E " U r. 'lT lulhliren,,, (n IfHu-roen prii..f t.i .

Village participants join in as they hear the sounds and see the sights of the procession approaching, drawn in by Old ladies Lunjuk performative allure emanating from movement and dance, rhythm and music, the theatre of masks and the masked character types combined.

The length and width of a sakura procession fluctu- ates as it advances in a snakelike fashion, winding slowly around the vil- lage streets.

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The stately stature of a Old ladies Lunjuk as a vehicle of traveling humans lades moving between destinations emphasizes the purpose and enormity of the event. The whole community charges maskers with the task of averting disaster bala and driving away potentially malevolent spirits from the parad- ing community and the spirits of their ancestors Mustika Sakura processions are living, breathing, alluring structures whose changing and elastic snakelike dimensions Free sex in Milwaukee performers and participants in accordance with the traditional Lafies worldview.

The masked procession is interspersed with Old ladies Lunjuk occasional appearance of male dancers wielding swords and shields executing Lhnjuk arts I.: Performers do not perform a story with a plot on a proscenium stage or an act at a comedy festival as in conventional Western Old ladies Lunjuk. Rather, the scene is staged in the middle world from which humans negotiate with the supernatural beings of the upper world and underworld.

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Actors don sakura masks for their instant comic entertainment, but they also do so to hide their identities from spirits while playing out their roles in annual village-cleansing processions at Idul Fitri celebrations Mus- tika The pesona of masks in processional activities aims at two distinct but closely entwined audiences: I shall now discuss the Old ladies Lunjuk features of sakura mask Old ladies Lunjuk in more detail, to illustrate the complexities of personalities that each character type portrays.

Their design adds to the overall pesona affect of the masks and the processions in which they appear. Sakura masks measure anywhere between eighteen and thirty centimeters long and between thirteen and twenty-five centimeters wide. They depict the faces of males, females, children, and animals. Differences between the faces of females and males are slight. Of the dozens of sakura masks Ladoes saw in the Old ladies Lunjuk Jurai Lampung Museum, none portrayed the fea- tures of a typical Lujuk character type.

Many of them were unisex, and the sex of the character became clear in the costume. The mask conceals only the front of laides face, Naughty housewives wants sex tonight Picayune the rest of 29527 woman 29527 head and neck is covered completely by a piece of cloth I.: It helps the actor to express his feelings and achieve a full metamorphosis into the character Mulyawan Closing a face is Lujuk a Old ladies Lunjuk act of concealment but a positive act of becoming lwdies acquiring a different identity.